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06 Jan

Do you need automatic back for your website and systems?

Every Website Needs a Backup

Every day, thousands of websites experience data loss due to hacking, accidental damage, host outages, or malicious intent.

Jetpack Personal provides the essential security tools you need to keep your entire site backed up, to instantly restore or migrate it, and to get priority support just when you need it.

Jetpack Personal is ideal for:

  • Blogs and personal sites
  • Small business sites
  • Portfolio and consulting sites
  • Restaurant sites

Security Essentials

All Jetpack Personal customers immediately benefit from:

  • Automated Backups
    Full backup of your entire site with unlimited storage space.
  • Restores & Migrations
    Restore or migrate your site from a backup with one click.
  • Expert Support
    Fast, priority support for any WordPress security issue.
  • Spam Protection
    Automatic filtering and suppression of unwelcome spam.

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